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Online computer addiction, also known as Internet addiction, gets more attention in general from scientific research than offline computer addiction, mainly because most cases of computer addiction are related to the excessive use of the Internet.Although addiction is usually used to describe dependence on substances, addiction can also be used to describe pathological Internet use.


However, not all people who spend hours each day on the computer are considered addicted.

Shotton's work seriously questions the legitimacy of the claim that computers cause addiction.

The term became more widespread with the explosive growth of the Internet, as well the availability of the Personal Computer.

The concept of computer addiction is broadly divided in two types, namely offline computer addiction and online computer addiction.

The term offline computer addiction is normally used when speaking about excessive gaming behavior, which can be practiced both offline and online.

Computers and the Internet both started to take shape as a personal and comfortable medium which could be used by anyone who wanted to make use of it.



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