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Several films were set during this era, including , that big mass of bubbly curls, was more 1970s than an accurate style from the ’50s, the era the film was set in. The ’70s sounds of glam rock, disco, funk, northern soul, new wave and punk each had their signature looks and style.


With adverts, music shows and a wealth of series in all genres, TV was a major influence on people’s lives, fashion choices and attitudes.Really straight hair that was parted in the centre was a popular way to wear long hair, as seen on actresses Ali Mac Graw in the movie (1968-1973).This looking to the past can be seen in fashion, TV shows and films, and music.There was an art deco revival in the first half of the decade, with hair and makeup taking a lead from the ’20s and ’30s in particular.

Farrah Fawcett-Majors was one massive influence on mid-1970s hair.Ah, the lovely Farrah hit our screens in 1976 courtesy of Nostalgia was big in the ’70s, leading to a whimsical look back to various periods, especially the 1920s through to 1950s.



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    He had learned the technique of creating artificial flowers that would resemble the real thing.

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