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The appraised value of supplies returned to working-capital funds by a department, activity, or agency may be charged to that fund.

The proceeds thereof shall be credited to current applicable appropriations and are available for expenditure for the same purposes that those appropriations are so available.

The regulations may, if the needs of the Department of Defense require it and it is otherwise authorized by law, authorize supplies to be sold to, or services to be rendered or work performed for, persons outside the Department of Defense.

However, supplies available in inventories financed by working capital funds established under this section may be sold to contractors for use in performing contracts with the Department of Defense. 112–81, § 2802(c)(1)(A), substituted “section 2805(c)” for “section 2805(c)(1)”.



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    We have personally met with their teams in Shanghai (China) and Tokyo (Japan), and have had email correspondences with one of their founders (Christian Springub) and a couple of USA team members.

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    Bali, Indonesia, remains one of Australians’ top foreign holiday destinations.

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    The Malaysia International Food and Cultural Centre is apparently part of the first phase of a development plan for the area which includes the relocation of roadside stalls to sophisticated hawker centres and is envisaged as the catalyst to transform Kampung Baru.

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    Miss Nikandrova informed me that she has met several foreign men, mainly through agencies and in clubs in St.

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    say that the mountains were called green because they were more forested than the higher White Mountains of New Hampshire and Adirondacks of New York; others say that the predominance of mica-quartz-chlorite schist, a green-hued metamorphosed shale, is the reason.

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