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However, some funds and shares are priced in foreign currencies.

Where that is the case, it should display the relevant symbol - eg. But the price is not converted into sterling in the portfolio.

Example: (excluding the share price changes over the period) empty portfolio1 June 2012: Buy 100 Vodafone Shares for £1002 June 2012: Buy 1000 Barclays Shares for £1,0002 June 2012: Asset change vs Yesterday is £1,000 - £100 = £900, percentage change is £900/£100 x 100 = 900%If you change your email address you need to update the details yourself.

Login with your old address, wait a few seconds for the Login link (top right of the screen) to change to My profile | Logout.


Simply click on the Money tab to access your portfolio.

You can either enter foreign stocks into a separate portfolio or...

If you multiply the number of shares by the exchange rate you will trick the total value into, say, euros.

(variable) your representative rate will be 18.9% APR (variable).

Then click on My profile and enter your new address and follow the instructions.Representative example: If you spend £200 at a purchase interest rate of 18.9% p.a.



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