100 free chat camsites who is jacob dating

I rang them to cancel and they keep billing and sending messages To cancel your sub you have to find the option first which is well hidden, and then they won't do it unless you call an operator. Also a lot of chat girls without pics and plenty of unfinished profiles spamming your inbox.

Not sure if they are bots or cam girls but very annoying.

Do not join this site or any site linked to them (there are several) they take payments from your account even after you speak to customer service to cancel your subscription and repeat billing.

They try to talk you in to swapping to another one of their sites.

They will email a refund quoting references numbers and a 10 day turn around and it will drag on for ever. They say they've cancelled but will keep taking money out and sending dozens of unwanted messages.

They will reply to requests with the same copy paste response to all mail, they actively employ complete obfuscation and when that doesn't work upon calling their provided number, their final solution is to just terminate the call without warning when direct answers are required. to their credit they issued a refund not in it's entirety, but better than nothing at all! You fall for the three day trial and then take out and keep billing.

I know lots of people who got ripped off by this fraudsters and its time to go public and put pressure on justice system to ban this online criminals...


All I want is an address for these low life and I promise this will stop can anybody help with the location of this pack of low life scum July 5th 2016 Update: pure evil thieves Dont sign up for this its completly false every woman bar none sends a link even asking that you have your credit card details ready you people need some severe physical education I have some information for you maybe we should talk about this and get together they think they can hide but I think when they leave work they better start looking over there shoulder this is straight out theft they ban your account because you probably a real girl looking for dating....s.h.i.t.site is owned by a group called Together Networks and have 100's of pages online with different names all over the world , and they have 100 of professioals working on the other site of the screen with thousands of fake accounts pretending to be locals, but as soon as you ask them a local question ..dissappear from the radar as they cant give you an answer ..are all fake , paid bithes by this fraud scam business hiding under the radar of the local legislations as they operate from overseas ...ripping people off all over the world....



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