18 year old dating a 14 year old yahoo

However, the users can’t download the app on the desktop. Don’t forget to drop your views in the comments section below.


Now, this messaging service with a purple interface would soon become a history.

However, in last December, when Yahoo unveiled the new Yahoo Messenger, it was expected that the new and old services will be merged.

o you remember your early days on the internet, much before services like Whats App and Facebook Messenger became a rage, when you spent half-an-hour to set up your first chat room on Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo has announced that it’s going to shut down its old Messenger application on August 5th.

So here is what Yahoo did: It "aqui-hired" a team of people, led by a 17-year-old living in London, that cannot claim to have invented a cool technology OR to have built a cool app.Yahoo does own the technology SRI invented for Summly, but it doesn't own SRI, so it hasn't acquired the team that can scale the technology for Yahoo.



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