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Apparently, however, the real reason for Sister Spiritual's absence was something different altogether.

The Missouri state guards must have been blocking Sister Spiritual's access to the prison computer room. Their actions were abominable and unworthy of a church. He threatened me with arrest if I ever set foot on church property.

This individual, who may be Sister Spiritual, was arrested in August 2013, and subsequently sentenced to a state penitentiary in Farmington, MO.

I'm assuming that it's possible that Sister Spiritual, while incarcerated, somehow got hold of a computer on October 3, 2013 and started the second thread.

The topix IP-based geolocation system identified Sister Spiritual as posting from Kansas City, Kansas.

Within that second thread, I addressed my comments to Sister Spiritual, having no idea who he actually was. I'm still not 100% certain, but here is what I have recently learned.

The Identity of Sister Spiritual Revealed:"Sister Spiritual" (who is male) started the previous raintree thread on Oct 3, 2013.

There was an even earlier thread on raintree before that in which Sister Spiritual would periodically interject silly, crude comments. Sometime later, Sister Spiritual initiated the second one in 2013.


During the past two years, I did not know why Sister Spiritual would not reply to any of my posts in the second thread.Was he under a gag order from raintree pastor Kenny?As I basically explained in the 2013 thread, I was excommunicated by raintree because I publicly criticized their extreme John Hagee neocon version of Zionism and blood-thirsty worship of war.If you want to know Sister Spiritual's story, do a web search with the following terms: Mother reveals graphic messages that prompted sex stingor use this URL: They have since consistently refused to own up to their actions. Both my wife and I posted reviews of Raintree on their facebook site. So in response, they deleted the entire review section.


Let me explain first that I no longer live in the Kansas City area and have not kept up with KC news.But I recently discovered that a deacon for Raintree Community Church was arrested for soliciting a "13-year old girl", who was actually a Lee's Summit policeman.



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