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For purposes of this article the words “Taken” Men will be referring to men in a committed relationship or married men.Now, with that being said, a lot of you ladies in committed relationships in Smeetland have asked me this question: Why do single women on Smeet want and desire their man when there are thousands of single men available for them on Smeet to flirt with, date, and get involved in?

They are predators who hunt for the fun and challenge of it.I would definitely say this: they think they are attractive and just want to see how far their flirtatious behaviors can take them.They usually want a man for some kind of self-gratification, and they date taken men for money and other sweet things they can offer.They date or seek to date taken men to take material things and give sexual pleasure in return. Some single women go for taken men because they are on a power trip.

So, they specialize, target in seducing taken men and eventually steal them from their wives/partners by making them leave their wives/partners.

These type of women are on a power trip in their own brain--- scheming and methodically carrying out their devious ways to break up couples in committed relationships on Smeet.



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