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We believe the QR-code is here to stay in communicating product information.

We look forward to taking use of the same technology and its advantages to communicate information about our coffees, tea, cocktail recipes, wine, beer as well in the future.

If you see a chair or a coffee table you like, you can now scan the label and get more information about the item, the designer, you get the price, and you can even buy it there and then through Pay Pal.


The buyer and proud new owner of a collectable coffee table will always be able to tell and show friends what she has bought.

And if she should sell the coffee table in a few years' time, she will be able to show its origin, and the buyer can be reassured of the identity of the object that's being sold.



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    One of the most obvious changes was that it multiplied the number of partners (from serious to casual) an individual was likely to have before marriage.

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    In general, Viber is a more aesthetically pleasing and inviting app if all you want to do is chat with and call your friends.

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    FAS 160, effective January 1, 2009, made significant changes to the accounting requirements for noncontrolling interest in consolidated financial statements.

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    This neighborhood block party of a charity event was the first Georgetown House Tour, which has since blossomed into a grand seasonal affair, as reliable and stunning as the cherry blossoms, and an opportunity for those more fortunate to give back to their community. native and graduate of Georgetown University, became involved in the House Tour attending St. “I was impressed by all of the outreach programs the tour funds,” she says.

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