7 year age gap dating


Miss Moore was 52 when in 2005 she married the actor and former model who is 15 years her junior.Following the marriage, the third for Miss Moore, her career went off the boil while her husband became one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors and built a successful business career alongside.The most famous age gap marriage that failed to work was that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.It said that of the 20 per cent of divorces it is now handling which involved a large age difference between partners, one in 20 involve a wife who is much older than her husband.Among the best-known couples with a wide age gap whose marriages came to grief were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.Their divorce was announced earlier this year, with a key reason given as his reluctance to have further children.Rupert Murdoch was 68 when he married Wendi Deng, a 30-year-old executive with one of his TV stations, on his yacht in New York Harbour in 1999. The couple had two daughters to add to Murdoch’s four children from his previous marriages.


The newly-divorced older men – and sometimes women – often end up remarrying rapidly to much younger new partners, who seem exciting as girlfriends or boyfriends, but rapidly prove unsuitable as spouses.

A wave of marriage and divorce between couples separated in age sometimes by decades has been charted by family law firm JMW Solicitors.

She announced the end of the marriage in November 2011, and there were two years of haggling before the divorce was finalised Footballer and TV presenter Gary Lineker was divorced from his first wife Michelle in 2006 after a 20-year marriage and four sons.

Just over three years later he married Danielle Bux, a 30-yer-old former lingerie model, who is 19 years younger.

Miss Moore was 52 when in 2005 she married the actor and former model who is 15 years her junior‘That they got together might in itself be a result of the rise in so-called “silver splits” in recent years, sometimes as people separate from partners of a similar age and set up home with others much younger than themselves.‘When they are merely dating, romance often makes it possible for them to overcome the age difference.It can even seem rather sophisticated to some people.



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