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You don't want your microphone to pick up your own voice coming through the speakers of your computer or device.If you use a Mac, a tablet device, or a newer PC laptop, then you probably already have webcam and microphone built-in.You will not need to purchase any additional hardware; you have everything you need once you obtain the software.It is a free downloadable software that uses Vo IP (Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known sometimes as telephony) - and enables the use and transmission of voice and video using the internet.Skype allows a person to use their computer to call people on their computer or on a traditional landline.


If you use Skype to call someone else using Skype, there is no cost involved. If you use Skype to call a landline, a rate-per-minute is charged (and is still less than any other long-distance carrier).We will use the Skype-to-Skype (free) service for supervision.Either way works fine, it is merely up to your personal preference.In order to maximize the quality of the call/connection, headphones or earbuds are required.

This will eliminate any audio feedback from the conversation.

There is usually a slight delay (sometimes just a millisecond, sometimes several seconds....depending on our connection).



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