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Read more Disney earned bragging rights for Monday's TV ratings.



He will headline "The Festival of Laughs" at 8 p.m. The general public can start buying tickets at 10 a.m. Yet Cyber Club members can buy tickets from 10 a.m.In those hours, Fox News drew 12.112 million, and MSNBC followed with 5.945 million. Rick Scott says he'll do everything to help President-elect Donald Trump, but that doesn't include taking a Cabinet job."I like my job here," Scott told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday afternoon.Scott said that in six years in office he had never had a partner in the White House but now he can call Trump.On the broadcast side, ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" was tops with 10.8 million fans.


Read more What did Donald Trump's election as president mean?

The biggest upset since Harry Truman in 1948, historian Douglas Brinkley told CNN early Wednesday.


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