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People reports that he "stalled" (his word) for half of the hour-long set before going into a 16-minute monologue about Michelle Mc Namara's April death. Navy Can't Afford Bullets for New Warship's Guns The USS Zumwalt was designed two decades ago, and three Zumwalt-class destroyers have been in the works for years.So how the US Navy missed the fact that it wouldn't be able to afford the ammunition for the Zumwalt's .5 billion, 155-millimeter Advanced Gun Systems, specifically designed to house...These Few Correctly Picked Trump, and Were Ignored One of the most common questions being asked Wednesday is how pollsters and pundits managed to be so wrong about Donald Trump.



More 5 Takes on 'Astonishing,' 'Unthinkable' Trump Victory Donald Trump is now America's president-elect and many commentators are calling it "unthinkable"—but they also admit it is a possibility they should have probably thought a lot more about.Some early reactions to the historic victory: Trump's "astonishing" victory "is the greatest upset in the modern history of American...



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    Agent Under Fire was a pretty solid entry, while Nightfire stands as one of the best 007 games released (alongside Golden Eye and Everything or Nothing).

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