Accomodating various

For homework, they may elect to write out their objectives or cross-reference the objectives with the notes.This is a more efficient approach for those students who learn better by listening than by writing.I generally use activities, which involve all of the students one way or another. There is some flexibility built into participation.For example, following group work students may do an oral presentation or a written presentation using the blackboard.I also help my students understand their learning styles by teaching them about the "true colors"--personality and learning styles characterized as blue, orange, gold and green learners.This study helps them in group-processing, since it promotes understanding and appreciation of differences in learning styles.I use a variety of materials and approaches in my classroom to help accommodate differences in learning style.

I then use that throughout the semester to place students in groups and to develop activities suited for each student/learning style.

My method for accommodating students with different learning styles usually begins with establishing a rapport with the student; this aids in my acquisition of information about their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Some students also benefit from reversing the teacher-student relationship by working in after-school study groups where they act as tutors.

Some student mentors come to realize very quickly that teaching is a form of learning.


I accommodate students with different learning styles in my classroom by using different modalities, which include auditory, visual, and tactile components.

Each teaching unit is a composite of lecture, written work, large and small group discussion, audiovisual, and laboratory activities.


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