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A good old fashioned favorite, ginger has a settling effect on the stomach and can be served in a few different ways.

If ingested for an upset tummy or nausea, serve warm and flat. Mix with cranberry juice and ice for a refreshing treat and some good vitamins..

A massage is a fantastic way to help ease the tension in her neck, back and shoulders.

Have her sit on a pillow or lay on her side to make sure she is comfortable and relaxed..

Food can be friend or foe to a pregnant woman depending on mood, trimester, health and a host of other factors.

Find out what your pregnant partner likes and stock up so she can have it at a moment's notice.

Give her an attentive ear and share some feelings of your own.7.

This cuts both ways so be careful; you don't want to leave her alone too long, but you don't want to smother her either.

Try and find healthy snacks if your partner is at risk of gestational diabetes.Just be prepared that she will suddenly hate what she loved yesterday.5. Pregnancy can be as confusing and scary as it is exciting. This topped the list as Aa D reader's favorite way to help their pregnant partners feel better.Pregnant women are often sore and uncomfortable due to increased weight, dietary changes and the fatigue that comes with growing a baby.

Pregnant women go through so many physical changes, which says nothing for all of the emotional and even logistical changes you both with encounter.In the face of such a massive life event is helps to have someone to talk to.


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