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David Schoenfield's take: After two down years, Bruce has had a renaissance this year, going more to the opposite field and leading the NL in RBIs.The Mets are 13th in the NL in runs scored, so they certainly need offense, but Bruce is an imperfect fit.David Schoenfield's take: You can't deny Beltran's numbers, as he's hitting .304/.344/.546, though some of that is the result of the cozy dimensions at Yankee Stadium, where he's slugging .961 (compared to .817 on the road).The Rangers will slot him at DH, which means they don't trust Joey Gallo to do the job down the stretch.Beltran has a history of performing in the postseason, of course, though it doesn't look like he'd perform well in this postseason if the Rangers get there.The Giants added some needed bullpen depth, and though Bickford is a former first-round pick, the most important player here for the Brewers might be Andrew Susac, a catcher who has been blocked in San Francisco by Buster Posey.His defensive metrics are among the worst in the game for outfielders, so Curtis Granderson, who has been below average in right field, will have to slide to center, assuming Yoenis Cespedes has to remain in left field because of his sore quad.

Jerry Crasnick's take: Houston general manager Jeff Luhnow pulled off the big Carlos Gomez-Mike Fiers deal before the 2015 deadline, but he might opt for something more restrained this season.

The Astros would love to make a pitching upgrade, but they have yet to find a trade that suits their tastes.

Hill has made just three starts since the end of May and is still battling a blister issue. He is a minor rest-of-season upgrade over Howie Kendrick or Yasiel Puig and gives the Dodgers a needed left-handed bat for the outfield.

He was one of the best starters in the AL the first two months and has held batters to a .201 average and just two home runs in 76 innings. The A's get three pitchers with good upside -- a good haul for two impending free agents.


He was the backup last year, but he spent all of 2016 in Triple-A and should be a capable replacement for Jonathan Lucroy.

David Schoenfield's take: Nobody likes injured pitchers more than the Dodgers.


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