Active directory integrated dns not updating

However a few records for the domain are held by the central DNS servers in the Computing Services, which do not allow dynamic updates.In particular each domain controller will try to register an A record for the name of the domain (e.g. Since this level of the DNS is managed by the central servers, these records are not registered automatically and so do not exist by default. However, we are now aware of several situations where this does appear to break certain functionality. These instructions include installing Active Directory. However they are written so that you can still use them if you have already installed Active Directory; simply skip any steps that you have already completed.If you have problems, make sure that your firewall configuration is correct, as per the next section.

While many things will work with an incorrect configuration, it may give rise to errors in the output from dcdiag and netdiag that can make it harder to identify real problems; also clients and servers can have problems locating services.Additional tools that IT Services use for diagnosing security and configuration issues will only apply for clients using the central servers.


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