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Out of all the relationships on Girls , the Jessa and Adam relationship seems to make the most sense.

They see through each other's bull and don't hold the other to unattainable standards.

Since Valentine their relationship seems to have progressed quickly.

While the opening of Season 5 of Girls celebrated the love of Marnie and Desi, it also brought together another couple... The two characters have their demons — actually, they share a lot of the same challenges, which is what initially brought them together — but it is obvious that they tend to be the best versions of themselves when they're together, giving me hope that an Adam and Jessa relationship could actually work. Jessa and Adam's relationship on Girls blossomed over the course of Season 4, and now Season 5 is exploring an entirely new chapter of their friendship.'Some wedding aren't great, but I've just never been disappointed by a funeral': The nuptials were reportedly attended by his co-star and on-screen love Lena Dunham as well as her boyfriend, Fun.The romantic relationship between Adam Conant and Cassie Blake is complicated as Adam is the ex-boyfriend of Cassie's good friend and half-sister, Diana Meade.


She makes it abundantly clear that she's done being "sh*tty" and doesn't want to hurt Hannah by pursuing a relationship with Adam, something he seems to understand but not actually want to follow through with.His remedy to the issue at hand is asking Jessa if they can be together but not touch each other, leading to a very sexual — yet, no touching involved — scene where they masturbate next to each other.


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