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This was a great year for the WYC as the team Captained by Graham Alexander with Vice-Captain Wayne Roberts, defeated Pennington in an exciting Grand Final.

In 1964 a second senior team was added into the Independent Central Cricket Association competition. disbanded its cricket and our junior teams were entered in the Woodville Association.

The Woodville Association was disbanded in 1967 and the WYCCC then joined the Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association until such time the schools took control of all junior crickets in about 1974.


In the 1999/2000 cricket season with the collapse of the ICCA and our club joined the Adelaide Suburban Cricket Association.

Our clubs first Senior Premiership was by our “B” Grade captained by Phil Shaughnessy in the 1968/69 season.

Although this was done on short notice, the WYC quickly rallied to the cause and within one week Mr. At this AGM the following were elected into office: Chairman – Derek Howarth, Secretary / Treasurer – Ken Noakes, Committee: Max Alexander, Bob Bailes, Jim Treagus, Mal Vardon and Jeff Irwin.

Four matches were played (managed by Derek Howarth and umpired by Ken Noakes before the first Annual General Meeting was held.

Safe-T-Cam is a network of cameras placed on major arterial roads that detect unregistered vehicles.

In South Australia Safe-T-Cam is managed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).


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    Some of the vehicles and equipment on display include a Zodiac Boat, a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat, an aircraft cockpit and simulator, a mine and improvised explosive device display, and a Veterans Affairs Canada display on the First World War.

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