Adele speed dating

Will this new online dating project be a success, well, it already has one very good test case to point to as an example of how the system works: Jess and Ken themselves.

It was acquired by Spark Networks (the parent company of in 2007, and at one point even attracted the attention of CNN.

However, Deckinger's latest project is WAY more personal and important to him. This week, Deckinger, Tongish, and Ken's wife Jess beta-launched a new take on online dating with their site, Jess Meet Ken.

Their innovative idea is one of the best takes on online dating I've ever seen.

The way Jess Meet Ken works is that women post profiles of their male friends on the site-men cannot post their own profiles.

Women searching the site sift through the profiles and then must reach out to the woman who posted their guy friend in order to make the connection.


As Deckinger explained the logic behind the concept, "Most guys don't post very attractive profiles of themselves on dating sites, they usually include pictures with their bros, etc." "Women know how to sell a guy better than most guys do," he added."By the women putting the profile online, the man's most endearing qualities are highlighted." Jess Meet Ken is also a much better way for women to find better matches for dates online.


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