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and a canoe is required to gain access to the region further south. The former bridge was the crossing for the long-abandoned middle section of the Red Horse Trail.The original trail ran from Wanakena to the Beaver River, now the Stillwater Reservoir, ten miles (16 km) south of the falls.High Falls is a small but picturesque waterfall on the upper Oswegatchie River in the Five Ponds Wilderness. Trail access is by a short spur from the High Falls Loop Trail.It is located in the town of Fine, in a remote part of Adirondack State Park in St. The most direct canoe access is by way of the Oswegatchie River from the Oswegatchie River Inlet on Inlet Road.The Red Horse Trail was one of the oldest Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) hiking trails in Adirondack Park, dating back to the 1920s.The five-and-a-half mile (9 km) section running north from Big Burnt Lake / Trout Pond is all that remains of that trail.The paved road rises over 2,300 feet in five miles from the Toll House.At the summit, there are a few things you don't often find atop a peak: a castle built from native stone, a restaurant and gift shop, an elevator carved deep inside the mountain top itself, and a truly spectacular 360-degree, panoramic view of unparalleled beauty. Natural wildflowers grow roadside, serving as a living museum of forest ecology, all of which is built upon the over one billion year-old Anorthosite bedrock boulders.

The waterfall has been designated a scenic special interest area in the New York State Land Master Plan.

A visit to the Adirondacks is not complete without a drive to the top! Along the way up are nine designated spots where you are encouraged to stop, enjoy the views, and discover more about the mountain surroundings from the posted information signs.


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