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Surrounded by rolling hills, pleasant fields and lazy waterways, Cambridge is the perfect example of a city nestled in traditional English countryside.Iconic buildings throughout the city, taking part in a walking tour or punting along the river, you’ll soon be in a spot where one of history’s great scientists or poets has left their mark.Being a renowned university city, there is a large range of museums and galleries in Cambridge.The Whipple Museum of the history of Science, is great for budding brainiacs, full of instruments from the Middle-Ages to the present.Cambridge has a strong presence in the theatrical world, giving birth to a host of stars such as Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and John Cleese.One of our favourite venues is the Cambridge Arts Theatre, opened in 1936 it showcases a mix of opera, pantomime, dance and drama.

When in Cambridge, check the dates for many festivals that are held.

For folk fanatics, Cambridge Folk Festival is one of the largest and longest running in Europe, incorporating traditional English and Irish music, as well as American country and blues.


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