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A wide variety of landscapes, activities and natural riches are within easy reach of the city: dense valleys, lush vineyards, rivers of clear water… You will find below the times, prices and details of each course, but if you'd like more information or to chat to one of us about your chosen course, please get in touch on 01202 486309 | 07805399453 or email [email protected] We offer: Club sessions Individual Coaching Pay & Play Coaching Ladies Mornings Cardio Tennis Team Training Hit Programme Coaching Courses You can find information on all of these either below or from the tab under Coaching.Officially known as the “Garden City”, this cultural and university metropolis also guarantees you memorable evenings in its theatres, cinemas, bars, restaurants or nightclubs. Its location between the sea and the mountains is one of its numerous assets, thereby offering the best of water sports in summer and snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. If you are interested in any (or all) of the five groups then just turn up at the Church Centre at the allotted time and make yourself known to the leader or contact the Church Office. We do not have waiting lists and do not mind if you cannot come every week – or if you come to every session! This is a great way to make new friends for you and your children. worship service, Pastor Ryan calls up the children and gets them involved in a lively conversation related to his main message for the congregation that day. After the chat – right before Ryan’s sermon starts – is a good opportunity for parents to take children through kindergarten down to the nursery on our lower level. Christchurch offers the perfect combination of an urban atmosphere and a natural environment. All the different groups come together at times to take part in the Christmas, Easter and Harvest Toddler services in church. All five groups have a time to play with a variety of toys, puzzles, duplo, playdough and the sit-and-ride toys, as well as craft activities, refreshments, stories and songs.

You can ask for help or advice from the leaders who will be willing to help if they can or will refer you to someone who will be able to.

You can take part in the craft activity with your child and get some ideas on how to keep them busy at home and you will be able to sit and watch them play with similar aged children.

Please call if you have any questions and check out our annual membership scheme for just £72!!

During the week we hold five different Toddler groups. So if you have a toddler, a four year old or any age in between, this is a place to meet others with children of the same age.

Your child will need to be accompanied by an adult, but this does not have to be you.

Amongst the adults attending we have Mums, Dads, Grannies, Child minders, Nannies or Friends.


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