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She says that her infinity evolutions are the "BEST".

Sure you’ll get stronger, and maybe never have to ask for help opening a pickle jar again, but the subtle change of our students' minds are what amaze us the most.

We’ll help you get next level fit, but below are a few of the more subtle changes our students experience in our classes as well. As you dig in and put your efforts into learning all of the crazy cool striking drills, self-defense techniques, and showing up for cardio training you’ll realize you CAN smash your fitness goals. We see it on all of the new student's faces within just a couple weeks.

The Nfinity Rival Cheer Shoe Adult is the perfect shoe for stunting and tumbling.

Made with a 100% synthetic leather upper and a 2 piece outsole construction with a comfort thickness midsole, this shoe provides both the perfect shape for a secure stunting grip with the extra spring needed for high flying tumbling. For a limited time only, receive a free limited edition Nfinity tee with the purchase of a pair of Nfinity shoes! My squad wore these amazing shoes this year, at first we were very sceptical because we are shool cheerleaders so we are outside a lot and we didnt think they would last, but they stayed in GREAT shape for an entire football and basketball season, very comfortable and have the perfect grip and balance for stunting.

Be sure to add the Peace Love Nfinity Tee below to your cart and redeem the promo code TW1608GP. Madison, Missouri | 7/28/2013 my daughter is beginning her freshman yr of high school this august & is on the high school cheer squad.She has been cheering since she was in kindergarten (all star team, youth league teams, middle school, & now high school), so she has worn her share of different types of cheer shoes.


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