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Though Snapchat did convince us of the value that self-deleting data could have. Follow @iamxavier Chat is Snapchat's latest attempt to flesh out their communication offering.

Along with virtually every social network on the planet, the company is now allowing direct messaging via text.

What's interesting to me, however, is how just a couple years ago some in the tech space were making a big deal about how Google-dependent they'd become.

About how they were moving Apple apps into far-off folders and filling their screens with everything Google.

For those who do use and love Google apps on the i Phone, the good news is that Google's i OS apps team has started updating for i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus now, at least for Gmail and Chrome, and hopefully the rest to follow.

And that means the i Phone will continue to make for one of the best Google phones on the planet.

I'm sure some are still as hooked on Google apps as ever, but three weeks later, I'm not missing a thing.

It struck me as hyperbolic at the time, but I was as dependent on Google's services as I was on Apple's hardware, so I never took the time to really look into it.Setting up my i Phone 6 Plus as new gave me that time.


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