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Some of my likes: Choking Spitting Spanking Anal Creampies Porn Phone Sex No pic here for obvious reasons, though I will swap pics with those who turn me on enough. Love to rp even with the most taboo subjects being possibilities and topics. I love WOMEN (EVERY TYPE), I love BBC also can't put down a black man with a fat cock! I love long literate and passionate or rough rp's with others that can type correctly and paint an image for the imagination.... Very short, brunette hair but a natural blonde, I have beautiful blue/gray eyes. Girls are very welcome young and older I'm looking to explore in that area. This has helped me grow in a professional career and keep moving up and forward in my life. What gets me excited is just like talking about sex. So like talking to a guy on here who wants to know all that I have done. My likes: 1) Incest (any family member) 2) Hooters waitresses 3) Cheerleaders 4) Nurses 5) Thigh high cotton socks 6) Breeding 7) Sock blowjobs 8) Sock handjobs 9) Phone sex (No strings) 10) I love Gianna Michael GIFS My dislikes: 1) Blood 2) Scat 3) Pain Looking to have a fun time and explore new things. Hit me up with a role play and i'll see if i'm interested. I graduated a few years back from University with my degree in business. I guess to start off I should let u know that I'm not really into role playing.


Don't tell my wife ;) Kik: Joshaua_1030 Yahoo: Josh Anonymous hi all, yes im the real Kristy Ensuck from clips4 and no im not back in the scene as i said in my last news letter im not continuing for a while. Just another lowlife, cheating man who is addicted to helping sluts and whores cum. His appetite is insatiable, his passion immeasurable, his virility incomparable. I'm looking for someone i can first and foremost be friends with,chat casually about anything and everything and then only have sex if we both feel up for it.

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