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Old Set- tlers' Associations and Historical Societies are being organized in almost every city and county throughout the land. With but one or two exceptions, every man thus appointed served to the best of his ability, and the wisdom of the choice of tiie committees is shown in the work performed. R 1901 I- TO THE PIONEERS OF THIS VOLUME IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED, WITH THE HOPE THAT YOUR VIRTUES MAY BE EMULATED AND YOUR TOILS AND SACRIFICES DULY APPRECIATED BY COMING GENERATIONS. A general de- sire is being manifested by the people to preserve the records made by the pioneers. Believing that the county of Vernon afforded material for a good history, the Union Publish- ing Company of Springfield, Illinois, sent a corps of experienced historians into the field under the supervision of Prof. As preliminary to the work, and' in order to insure correctness and a work in which every citizen of the county might feel a just pride, committees were appointed to read and revise the general history of each county, and a like committee in each township to ex- amine and correct the history of their respective townships. NYPL RESEARCH LIBRARIES 3 3433 08192303 3 \^v fc V\^. The interest in local history is not confined, as some suppose, to men of second and third rate ability, but men like Hon. We feel confident that we here present to our pa- trons a history that is correct as possible for human beings to make it. HISTORY OF VERNON COUNTY, WISCONSIN, r OGETHBR WITH SKETCHES OF ITS TOWNS, VILLAGES AND TOWNSHIPS, BDU('ATIONAL, CIVIL, MILI- TARY AND POLITICAL HISTORY; POKTHAITS OF PROMINENT PERSONS, AND BIOGRAPHIES OF REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS. EMBRACING ACCOUNTS OF THE PKE-HISTORIC RACES, AND A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF ITS TERRITORIAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS. Special care has been taken in its compilations, hundreds of men and women being interviewed, and every source of in- PREFACE. The importance of local history is appreciated to-day more than ever before. In that vast library of the Historical Society of Wisconsin, no historical works are more referred to than the local histories of the various counties of the States of the Union. Butterfiold with instructions to spare no pains in compiling a com- plete and reliable work. Arnold, and others of that class, show as much interest in pioneer reminiscences and the various little incidents that go to make up the record of a new country, as could be shown by any who think the world is comprised in that scope of territory in their own immediate neighborhood. Daniel Durkee, Librarian Wisconsin State Historical Society, has delivered a lecture, which has been printed and scattered broadcast throughout the land, urging the people to perpetuate their local history, and every county history that is published is purchased by him for that insti- tution, of which he is Librarian. I ■ 'Bad Ax Tigers" j ' Eighteenth Wisconsin Volunteers Twenty-fifth Regiment Vernon County's Roll of Honor In Memorlam Pensioners in Vernon County Company B, Fiftieth Regiment Early Mention of the War The Brave at home Aa E 203 204 •i OS 210 •-•17 218 CHAPTER XVIII.

Our thanks are certainly due to these men, a number of whom spent much time, with no thought of reward than that received in the consciousness of a duty well performed. Among others specially entitled to our thanks are: Henry Casson, Jr., Capt. formation canvassed that facts alone sboulcl be incorporated in it. The manuscript was then read to the committees, and time given to make such corrections as they deemed necessary, and each member was urged to exercise care, and not be backward in making such corrections or such suggestions as might be deemed necessary to insure con-ectness and add to the value of the work.


THE BAR OF VERNO.\' COUNTY 183 The Bar of the Past 184 The present Bar 193 CHAPTER XVII.

THE COURTS OF VERNON COUNTY 168 The Circuit Court 168 The Battle of Klckapoo 176 County Court 183 CHAPTER XVI. Turner ;.'34 Flora De Frees Weeden 238 CHAPTER XIX. THE GREAT TORNADO— JUNE -28, 1865 292 "Brick" Poraeroy's Report 292 Stalcmentof Dr. TOWN OF WHEATLAND 734 Settlement 724 First Events 725 Organic 726 Iteligious Societies 726 Schools 726 Red Mound Postofflce 736 Cemeteries 736 Village of De Soto 726 Churches 731 Societies 733 Disastrous Fires 734 Oldest Shoemaker in America 734 Village or Victory 734 Personal Histories 736 TABLE OF CONTENTS. PAGE TOWN OF WHITESTOWN 744 Early Settlement 744 Organic 747 Recurd of First Eventa 747 Religious 747 Educational 748 Postofiiees 748 Cemeteries 748 Village OF Ontario 748 Business Directory for 1881 748 Reminisei Mice 1)1' Nathan Culver 749 Postoftice 750 Societies 751 Mills 751 Village OP Roc KTON 751 Business Directory for 1884 751 Secret Societies 751 Fostofflce 753 Biographical 753 CHAPTER LI.


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