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Advocates hope to change the statute of limitations on child sex-abuse claims.Von Teese is known for her fascination with 1940s cinema and classic vintage style.Advocacy groups allege Pennsylvania has developed a culture of cover-ups.High-profiles cases like in Altoona-Johnstown, where a grand jury found Diocese members abused hundreds of children, and a similar scenario involving Penn State's football coach Jerry Sandusky highlight the issue.This began at a young age and was fostered by her mother, who would buy clothes for her daughter to dress up.Her mother was a fan of old, Golden Age-era Hollywood films, and from her Von Teese developed a fascination with the actresses of that day, especially Betty Grable.


The cases have inspired a recent push for legislative change in the commonwealth.

Child abuse is an ever growing problem, especially in Pennsylvania, where it's believed to go vastly under reported.

The "Protect our Children" committee said the commonwealth has one of the lowest rates of reported child abuse in the nation.

Von Teese has been fond of wearing elaborate lingerie such as corsets and basques with fully fashioned stockings ever since.


"There are predators out there who have focused on children and had multiple victims.

It was kept quiet," Janet Mc Kay, executive director of the Victims Resource Center in Wilkes-Barre said.


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