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Simeon Pollock, a married acupuncturist in Silver Spring who was not at the To T event, has facilitated matchmaking among Orthodox Jews.“In the Jewish community, girls are being encouraged to date outside of their comfort zone,” he said. This is a person, not a custom-ordered car.”He knows some people may see matchmaking as old-fashioned but said, “You can’t do anything with no effort.

There are 6.9 million never-married Catholic men and 6.1 million never-married women, and 72 percent of all U. Moreover, the men and women at the To T meeting said their station in life - known as “unconsecrated single life” in Catholic parlance - does not fit neatly in the two predominant life roles suggested by the church: Marriage and religious orders, which are sacraments.

There is an obscure vocation to perpetual virginity. But at this particular To T meeting, Andre Leyva, a psychologist and a Catholic, was talking to adults who are hoping to marry.“Mental health is about relationships, starting with God,” he said.

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There is no such thing as Princess or Prince Charming.“That’s a romantic fantasy, because it is commitment that makes it work. Ann’s Catholic Church in Tenleytown, came to hear Mr. When asked whether the Catholic Church helps women find husbands, she said “absolutely not.”“The good Catholic guys are either in seminary or married off to Protestant women.Women would welcome some human intervention, like church-sponsored speed dating,” said Andrea Lemieux, 29, a member of St. Kim Mc Kenzie, 28, coordinates a young adults group at St. She complained about seminarians being encouraged to date, even though their calling requires them to cut off the relationships.“Some priests told the men to go date.


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