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Given this return, it’s unsurprising North Carolina has shown such strong support for its public universities.The state’s four-year schools have especially distinguished themselves, with institutions in the North Carolina Higher Education (NCHE) system responsible for .5 billion in added state income via start-ups begun by NCHE students and alumni.After deciding that the college route is for you, the next step is choosing which college or university will best meet your needs.North Carolina has 119 two- and four-year schools, a number that can seem daunting, but one that is easily lowered once you determine the type of school you want.

The scenic campus in Durham represents students of many ethnicities, who hail from many different states and countries.All of these learners are aged 24 or under, and 100% of students are enrolled in courses full-time.North Carolina’s breakout success with its 4-year universities is a sure sign of good things to come.Duke University is home to small class sizes, rich history and a tradition of academic excellence.

Among the institution's most popular subjects are economics, public policy studies, biology, psychology and biomedical engineering.DU has a need-blind admission policy, granting students acceptance without considering their families' ability to pay tuition and other college costs.


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