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Closely related communities were present in the Toledo Bend area farther to the south along the Sabine River in Louisiana and Texas and probably represent a late movement of Titus phase people.


On the opposite side was a "special building" with an extended entranceway and supports for interior benches. The red Avery Engraved bowl in the middle is probably a trade piece from the Mc Curtain phase area in the Red River Valley to the north. Note the consistent east-west grave orientation and the fact that the graves do not intrude into one another.Large, thin chipped-stone knives like these are found in Titus phase burials thought to be those of high-status adult males.Polished red bottle with negative engraved scrolls. Of the several hundred identified sites with Titus phase occupations, the largest concentration occurs in the Cypress Bayou (or Big Cypress Creek) Valley.A very similar bottle is known from the Hatchel site (41BW3) on the Red River, and this vessel may have been traded from the Red River Caddo to the Titus phase Caddo living the Shelby site. The archeological traces of Caddo groups who lived between the Sabine and Sulphur rivers in the East Texas Pineywoods between about A. Other Titus phase sites are found throughout the valley of the Little Cypress Creek, the southmiddle portions of the Sulphur River basin, the middle and upper portions of the White Oak Creek drainage, and the upper and middle reaches of the Sabine River drainage.


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Titus phase settlements are sometimes found on upland ridges protruding into the floodplains of the major and minor streams.


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