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EMAIL ME AT [email protected] YOU ARE INTERESTING ABOUT A SPECIAL SHOW or to send me a gift card!! Try to be a part from my family:) or to be the Godfather!!!Hey used to be on here under the same name but apparently my account got deleted. I have never been with another woman before and want to explore this side of my sexuality.



Take a look around our new site and join today to experience Sexstation like never before... respectable lady to my friends, looking to get dirty rule 1 i don't cam and you are not getting any personal contact info rule 2 no pic no chat rule 3 do not try to friend me before we chat i am no spring chicken but experienced love men under 40 (und... I'm not an "in your face" type of guy and not necessarily looking for immedi... I am a college girl looking to explore other women. I will always send gifs back if you post some on my wall.


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    I hate being lied to I recently split up, my ex and I just weren't on the same page.

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    It’s worth bearing in mind that certain parts of your conversation may get lost in translation, even if you can both understand each other perfectly.

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