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A Brief History of Havasupai Formal Political Organization.Essay on the political history of the Native American Indians of Havasu Canyon, Arizona. Connections: United States of America Features a searchable web directory and discussion forum devoted to Indigenous peoples worldwide. Aboriginal Culture and Heritage in Quebec Directory of links on the history and culture of First Nations in Quebec. Tribute to the Native People A collection of short articles on American history from a native perspective. Indian Genealogy Links, mailing lists, and general information for tracing Abenaki heritage.Includes historical photographs, art and artifacts. Indian Tribe Language, culture, history and genealogy. Photographs and tribal history from Lee Sultzman's First Nations Histories. Deeper Look Inside - Native Art Ojibwa artist Laura Lee K.

History of the Sioux History, culture and traditions of the Lakhota (Sioux) Nation A Line in the Sand Series of essays devoted to issues of cultural property and Native Americans. A Season of Brilliance Biography of Sockalexis, the first Native American baseball player. Tribal history of the Abenaki and Penobscot from Lee Sultzman's First Nations Histories. Genealogy Mailing List Mailing list for the discussion of genealogy and history of the Abenaki.

AC/readings/pequot/A Collection of Yukon River Indian Legends Small e-text collection of tales. id=6ab6b8ffba&doc=14707 A Conversation with Russell Means The activist discusses American Indian issues, "total immersion" education and the future of the Libertarian party.

Dakota Legend of Creation Origin myth with a brief glossary of Siouan gods.

Basic/21.12.2Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan - Tantoo Cardinal Biography of the mixed-blood Cree actress.


Brief History of Oklahoma A series of articles dealing with all aspects of the state's history, including the prehistoric native tribes, as well as those who were compelled to migrate and settle the Indian Territory.

A Brief History of The Pequot War John Mason's 1736 account of this colonial conflict, which involved the Narragansett.


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