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Do you lack confidence, self esteem or assertiveness?

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Somos una empresa de Contadores y Auditores constituida con el propósito de ser un aliado del sector empresarial en el mercado local, nacional e internacional.

Nuestro principal compromiso con nuestros clientes, es actuar como socios estratégicos para el alcance de sus objetivos empresariales, que permita el crecimiento y consolidación de su negocio.

This inspirational quotes will help you to find light when you are discourage and ready to give up.

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Always water in your fertilizer thoroughly after each application.Remember to never over trim your palm trees as that can weaken trunks and send them into shock, the book recommends a 45 degree angle from trunk to 1st frond.My back ground includes a wide mix of experiences and business ventures.From being in the hospitality industry to owning and operating hotels/guest houses with tours and travels . That being said I am far from slowing down as I am currently focused on expanding my business of organising tour packages and travel plans for National / International tourists in India.


Always keep any dead frond trimmed off & seed pods as they will leave a mess.

Fertilize on a regular basis up to 5 times a year with small applications, this will keep the Palm as healthy as possible helping to prevent diseases such as Fusarium Wilt which can ultimately kill your palm tree.


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