Adultery dating sites

Clearly there is an appetite for it, which would exist whether or not sites like these were there to facilitate it.My wife's not interested in sex – she's gone through the menopause and it went after that.She is into the grandkids and holidays."She knows I use these sites, but I don't talk about it.Before you go lambasting me for partaking, I was on an undercover mission, researching the reasons why men cheat for my book Screw the Fairytale. His sense of guilt was evident, but his drive to relieve himself of the sadness of his home life was greater. It develops into something else, but it will never be the same.The site is similar to Ashley, which was this week thrown into the headlines after hackers threatened to release names and profile pictures of its philandering members. After my immersive research, I started to feel the answer was no. "My wife has MS," he blurted out, early in our conversation. "I would like to feel excited about seeing someone again. When I met my wife, for four years we were infatuated. Sometimes I feel oppressed and I want to go back to what I was."READ MORE: * Ashley Madison offers free profile deletion after hack * Is the internet killing monogamy, or has it always been dead? A retired healthcare provider, he showed no sign of slowing down at 67.Ashley Madison has some 37 million users across 30 countries.Meanwhile, adultery is cited as the reason for divorce in one in six cases in Britain, according to the Office for National Statistics.


If I'm going to meet someone, I just say I'm going out. I give my wife anything she wants, any clothes she wants. The trouble with most women is that they don't want to do it themselves, so they can't accept their men doing it." The hackers of Ashley, known as the Impact Team, are demanding the site goes offline or it will release users' information.It's unlikely that a threat from a little-known group will make a difference, though.


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