Advantages of dating tall woman

You father recently commented on your height during a speech in Kansas, when he said, “Even though she’s 5’9″, she’s still my baby.” He added that he was relieved his little girl had just gotten braces because they make her look “like a kid and she was getting …she’s starting to look too old for me.” This will never stop.

When I interviewed Arianne Cohen, author of , she said having a tall role model is a defining factor in determining whether a vertically-enhanced young woman grows into a confident adult.“[You need] someone who is very verbal about how much they love being tall.Because many of your male classmates have yet to catch up with you puberty-wise, they may shy away from showing their true emotions, which leaves older men to take their place.No father wants this, even if he has an armada of Secret Service agents prepared to rip would-be suitors limb-from-limb.

To ease her way, here are my embracing-the-height, loving-the-air-up-there tips for living large: -Your dad will not like the male attention that comes your way. They can’t help it — we’re all up in their face, just walking down the street.

And while some guys have a thing for tiny, petite ladies, a good number of them are strongly attracted to long, lean ladies.


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