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For some time, Bill Clinton was allegedly cheating on Hillary Clinton with Eleanor Mondale.Byrne says that his most embarrassing moment was walking in on President Clinton and Eleanor Mondale caught in the act.The last barrier before Monica Lewinsky saw Bill Clinton.


Roger Clinton refused a blood test, but another driver on Pacific Coast Highway called to report that Clinton was driving in a dangerous manner.

said that George Byrne never dreamed that as a Secret Service agent he would be running defense between Bill Clinton, his wife, and his mistresses.

Byrn says that the Clinton White House was a seedy brothel, and President Clinton was a “horndog” with a harem of mistresses.

Byrne’s book, , details his job as Secret Service for the Clintons and says that most of all, he had to protect the Clintons from each other.


Roger Clinton had several brushes with the law during Bill Clinton’s presidency and after, where the Secret Service gave him the nickname “Headache.” says that Gary J.

Byrne, a former Secret Service agent, has written a book that gives details of an allegedly “seedy” White House.


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