Against schools accommodating for religious observances Sex chat on video in iasi

Even if a K-12 or post-secondary school fully meets its obligations to accommodate a student’s religious observance, missing the first days of school or class due to the High Holidays can raise intangible issues.The first days of the school year are a time when students establish their initial rapport with teachers or professors and learn about their educators’ expectations for the coming year or class.Click on these links for more resources about respecting diversity in K-12 schools, on college campuses and in the community.Accommodating students and employees who seek to take time off for the High Holidays is not merely a principled and worthy practice.

The links below answer common questions regarding religious accommodation for observance of the High Holidays by (1) K-12 public and private schools, (2) public and private post-secondary schools, and (3) public and private employers.For more information or assistance in seeking a religious accommodation for observance of the High Holidays, contact your local ADL office.


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