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An older partner will most likely be more experienced than you, sometimes much more so- it’s important that the two of you discuss this difference in both age and sexual experience both frequently and frankly.Have they told you about their own adolescent experiences, relationships and worries, and asked you about your own?There are a number of studies out there regarding relationships with large age differences that have drawn some not-so-positive conclusions.According to studies by the Guttmacher Institute, women under 18 with older male romantic partners are more likely to engage in sexual activities and less likely to use contraception when doing so, putting them at greater risk for both STIs and pregnancies.We know that with “teen” pregnancies, more often than not, while the mother is a teen, the father is often an older teen or a legal adult.

Does your partner express interest in your reproductive health?

Have they expressed an interest in going at your own pace and talked about the ways age does make a difference rather than quipping the old-hat line “age doesn’t matter?


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