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Lovers Planet offers singles an opportunity to find each other online and meet in real life by traveling to various destinations worldwide.

With global boundaries becoming less important, many individuals travel internationally.

Whether it's business or tourism, meeting new people in a non-local environment is now possible with Lovers Planet.

You can continue communication through the app or the website and plan to travel to new destinations and explore new places, cities and countries. Post dates of your proposed travel and find friends who may consider visiting the same locations during proposed dates.


If you travel frequently to specific locations Lovers Planet will allow you to build local connections and provide you with discounts for travel, hotels and local services as well as packaged deals exclusively negotiated for Lovers Planet members. Share rides, meet locally and explore the world together!Stay connected with instant notifications for all your messages, visitors, mutual attractions and more.


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    Just look below: you can find numerous beautiful and intelligent girls for dating, and we readily claim that these girls are one of the most attractive in the world! Men all over the world experience troubles with finding women that would eagerly want to marry and have children because Western girls have recently become overly fastidious and career-oriented. Without doubts, you will find one that fits your ideas of beauty and sex appeal.

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    The interlocking slats were aligned by specially woven silk ribbons, which were very strong but subject to wear.

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    Over 40 dating sites are designed to help single men and single women over 40 to find their match.

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