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Yoshino has brown hair, slightly pulled back on one side, and green eyes.In flashbacks, it is depicted that he used to wear glasses while at school.It is also highly noted that Yoshino is a very adaptable person, he can act normal under any circumstances. In the anime, Yoshino and Mahiro went to the same elementary school together but they never talked to each other.When Mahiro was caught in an accident, Yoshino was forced by his teacher to visit Mahiro.Mahiro asked Yoshino to gather information about his accident.Since Yoshino didn't like Mahiro, he gathered information as fast as he could.Once the case was solved, Mahiro and Yoshino got closer together.He wears a small, brown backpack on his back where the straps go securely oveer his shoulders.

His hair is very ruffled at his forehead, dividing into multiple other strands, and it is clipped back stylishly with hairclaps, that Aika put on him when the two used to date.

In terms of attire, he wears a red scarf that covers most of his neck, and he wears a striped, red and white tie under a blue jacket.


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