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Irrelevant of the flight duration, you can get to know each other, start to share ideas and maybe even share more than a cab at destination... Verify in settings and allow Air Dates running in background.



With Air Dates App the magic stays with you on board, allowing you to continue your Chat with NO INTERNET CONNECTION... Download the App Login with Facebook MEETING STATUS - Set What kind of People and When you want to meet PRIVACY - Set your Privacy - And take a moment to invite your Facebook friends Check-in @Airport & Update your Status Browse, Scan Around to Find Friends, New Friends and Air Dates Users Invite to Chat - Get Accepted to Match/Chat - Start Chatting Board the Plane - Have a Drink - Relax Reach the Cruising Altitude - Activate Fly ’n Chat Button (verify you are in Flight Mode + Wifi ON + Bluetooth ON)Chat with Friends Flying in the same airplane, WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTIONAir Dates requires the persistent use of GPS real-time location updates while the app is in the background to manage properly your discovery experience and friends location.

Send beautiful reports to your customers while keeping email flow to the minimum.


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