Aksel lund svindal e julia mancuso dating


The last 4 years we have shared a great relationship together. So after spending another great summer together we have decided that we want to try going our separate ways.


I was never skiing at full speed, and never anywhere close to race conditions. (Yes, an injured knee means extra time for watching TV shows)Update form South America I´m now half way through the camp here in Chile. We´ve been in Valle Nevado for these two weeks, and we´ve had great conditions. The camp so far has been pretty much what I expected it to be. I´m enjoying the time back on the road with the boys. Rehab training is going well, and I´m starting to feel pretty confident that I´ll be back racing world cups when the downhill tour kicks off again this winter.

And with some progress on this knee, I think I´ll get to spend a lot of time with them this winter. I havet been very good at updating Facebook lately. Rehab is one steady process, but not really filled with action. So you can also check out https:// Aksel Its been a while since I´ve written anything here. But doing extreme things with very good people never scares me that much. I always find “normal” activities with unfocused and untrained people much more scary. Relaxing on the beach, visiting friends, fishing, boating and working on my rehab training.

When you´re not competing and being in full action, there´s just not that much happening. And when you´re flying over beautiful Norwegian landscape, then the scenery is almost the best part. I´ve had a great time here, and the rehab progress is going well.

Travelling around skiing and competing with the best in the world gives you a lot more to write about. That´s something that I´ve always wanted to check out. Moving fast being able to cover a lot of ground, and still seeing everything crystal clear through the canopy. I´ll go back to Europe for some spring time later, but for now Florida has been perfect.

Instead of people speculating I thought is was better to share the simple truth from a complicated situation.

Ending a relationship is never fun, but I think we did this the smartest way possible. Join in on the wildest competition together with Sweet Protection! I´m impressed by the performance, but even more by the effort they put in. After training alone for 3 months its very refreshing to get some company. Between training sessions I´ve also had a lot of side projects. You have all this energy that you would normally focus on skiing , and now you need to use this on something else that’s productive.



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