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I chose to have my last decompression done at Robert Wood Johnson because I thought they had the best guy for the job and he was. She believes in NO pain medication for anything...strictly biofeedback, therapy and whatever else they promote. I am going to follow through with a letter voicing my displeasure.

This is coming kind of late, but maybe you would still like feedback? Mayo really pushed me to go to the three week clinic, and insurance wouldn't cover it.

He is on disability, has no money for lodging, food during that time.

But most of all was the manner in which he's being treated.

Does anyone out there have an experience with the rehab center?

I remain undiagnosed, but I have never had pain above the waist, and the pain doesn't migrate or act like fibro.

I think their physician was just looking for a very simple solution.

The going joke was "why are there so few parking spaces at the ER? Things have changed and they now "battle for the buck" anywhere they can get it. There are fine doctors at most major medical centers, Mayo does not have a corner on that market. When they hand you a clipboard of papers to fill out you don't bring it back to them they came get it from you. when I approached the spinal/ortho team they looed a my films/history and declined me as a patient. Looking her up, I see she only has one year under her belt.

Some things are cutting edge re transplants others they are about the same as the rest. One thing they always did better than the rest was customer service. You should complain at the highest level there is no reason for any doctor to act in this manner. not very high up on my list of places I'd like to go ket Kindly, The Ketamine Kitty All the tears, all the pain, all the rage through the night (apolgies to the rewrite) RR Next time I die make sure I'm gone, don't leave 'em nothing to work on JT And I ain't nothin but a dream JM Thanks for the posts everyone. So I'm sure she's trying to build her practice or whatever.


I wonder if it's a "political" thing to get you in and make them money. I have been treated at The Mayo Clinic in both Rochester and Jacksonville since my SCI in 2004. They were able to pick and chose their patients and God forbid you didn't have the right insurance. id=1024602574 Messages from Alan Maccini and are produced utilizing voice recognition software.

When they built a new state of the art hospital in Jacksonville it had very few parking spaces at the ER. That being said my experience at Mayo has been positive, do they have the very best doctors ? As a result of this on occasion a misrecognition of a word will occur and while spelled correctly will result in an unintended word appearing. They were soooooo difficult to deal with and were annoyed I wanted a physical workup on my SCI that I opted out.


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