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Strangely the words gas axe, welding torch and fabrications don't appear in VW's grand vision, yet that's effectively what Audi has done to the little A1 to enable it to shoehorn the entire rear suspension system from the TT S quattro model in place of the twist-beam item in the standard A1/Polo (part of it occupies the spare-wheel well).This really is a "Skunk works" or Frankenstein car, with more than 600 changes, including sheet metal, chassis rails, a new fuel tank and revised front uprights to allow for the 18in wheels and tyres.In the meantime, Volkswagen has issued its meisterplan for its new modular chassis system.MQB, or modular transverse matrix, means that every transverse-engined car in the Group will have a strictly defined relationship of engine-bay dimensions and will share most of their components.You can tune an MQB chassis a bit and stick front wheel drive in, but basically all the Group's transverse-engined models, including the A1, will share basically the same architecture and dip into the same box of bits.



Without wishing to coin a phrase here, the Audisti of systems analysts, management consultants and techno bores will buy anything with a quattro badge on the boot. At the same time, we've seen last year's five-cylinder 408bhp quattro Concept hit the Armco as far as production prospects are concerned.It looked great, sounded divine, drove well, but didn't fit into Audi's marketing plan and no one could figure out how to make money out of it.


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