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Islamic hadith teach that the greatest number of people in hell are women - and those who did not keep this "purdah" (covering and distance from men) especially.There is alot of discussion now about whether a woman needs to cover and how much - headscarf only, chador, abaya.I would love to just say yes and convert, but I feel that I must do it for myself rather than to please him.Individuals surely vary, but, in general, do Muslim men always strongly dissaude their wives from socializing with unrelated men?Most women in America go along with the cultural norms of muslim community around them or simply choose hijab, but many muslim women do not cover at all - here and overseas - Queen Noor is a good example.

I have a few questions I'd like to ask (especially Muslim men) to get another point of veiw.

Although my husband rarely pushes the issue of converting to Islam, how important is this to him?

I completely respect his boundaries and in fact have zero interest regarding other men, but he gets angry if I hold a light conversation with the man who owns the corner-store near my home.

If I were to convert to Islam, would it be a great sin to not wear the hijab?

123717850 #16302By Zizou on Thursday, August 11, 2005 - am Greetings everyone.

I'm an 21 year-old American woman recently married to an 38 year-old Algerian man.


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    Do I dare say that if we didn’t have the internet most of our love lives would be screwed? And I’m not talking about meeting people at bars or clubs. I’m talking about the normal way of meeting people like at school, college, a friend of a friend, etc.

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