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The site is completely free and the software is available as open source.It has only just been launched so it may still have some teething issues.The idea is you can chat to someone quickly and anonymously to practice the language and maybe meet some new people.


I haven't tried any of them so they could be inactive or something, but these are the Omegle/Chatroulette alternatives I found: Arabic: Chinese: Dutch: German: French: Italian: It currently only supports English, French and Esperanto but if anyone wants to help translate it to more languages, the help would be much appreciated!Any feedback or help to make it look less ugly would also be great.It's not much use unless a lot of people start using it though I guess. Personally I can deal with dirty talk and nudity on cam, but I understand that's a major reason why people don't want to use Chatroulette. bpeel: Cool, are you developing that site yourself?

I've tried before but I'd definitely like to give the others a go too. I went to the Dutch alternative and I think it just automatically connected me to someone... hardly anyone's coming on and people constantly disconnect before saying anything…

I think the trouble with these sites though is the conversations are usually a bit sleazy so I was hoping a site specifically aimed for language learning might be a bit friendlier. I wonder if there are spambots roaming it, or if people just leave the window open on 'auto' without paying attention.


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