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Such online advertising helps support the free content, products and services you get online.

The DAA Principles apply to interest-based advertising and other applicable uses of Web viewing data collected from a particular computer or device over time and across unaffiliated Web sites.

This type of advertising increasingly helps to support the content, services and applications that internet users can enjoy at little or no cost.

The Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) announced that its Mobile Guidance would begin to be actively enforced beginning on September 1, 2015.

The announcement, made on May 7, stated the Mobile Guidance requirements regarding mobile cross-app, precise location, and personal directory data would be enforced by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (“CBBB”) and the Direct Marketing Association (“DMA”) against companies that collect such data for interest-based advertising after September 1.

Welcome to the Digital Advertising Alliance's consumer choice page.

The companies participating in this page provide transparency and choice under the DAA Principles.

The Mobile Guidance applies the existing DAA principles of transparency and control to the collection, use, and sharing of covered data for certain purposes.

To that end, DAA also released two new consumer choice tools for the mobile environment in February to facilitate compliance with the Mobile Guidance.


Using the tools on this page, you can opt out from the collection of Web viewing data for interest-based advertising and other applicable uses, by some or all of the participating companies.The cross-industry self-regulatory initiative was developed by leading European bodies to introduce pan-European standards to enhance transparency and user control for Online Behavioural Advertising.


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