Alliancedating france

The Palestinian territories too are divided into areas controlled by the Islamist Hamas movement in Gaza and the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank.

In this fractious landscape, powerful regional states are seeking to gain advantage, extend their own power, and diminish that of their rivals.

In Yemen, in Iraq, in Lebanon, and in a more complex way in Syria, Sunni-Shia rivalries form a central dynamic, which are also important in terms of the geo-strategic rivalries among major states competing in the Middle East.

Perhaps the single best organised and most aggressive alliance active currently in the Middle East is the bloc of states and movements gathered around the Islamic Republic of Iran.


\n\n'); if (print_value) { popup.document.write(print_value); } if (print_value_2) { popup.document.write(print_value_2); } if (print_value_3) { popup.document.write(print_value_3); } if (print_value_4) { popup.document.write(print_value_4); } popup.document.write('\n While Iran leads the best organised and most aggressive alliance in the Middle East, the built-in limitations of its methods and the sectarian nature of the conflicts in question will likely stymie Iranian domination of the region.The Middle East is currently in the midst of widespread instability, civil strife and the collapse or contraction of state authority.Motivated by clear strategic goals and by powerful ideological motivations, and with long experience of subversion particularly relevant to the current period of instability in the Middle East, Iran and its allies are powerful players in the regional contest.Prior to the conclusion of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran's nuclear programme, signed on 14 July 2015, it had appeared that Iran might be approaching a point of overstretch.

Tehran was committed to assist a large portfolio of clients engaged in conflict across the region, at a time when Tehran was itself subject to biting economic sanctions.

The continued civil war in Syria and the opening of conflicts in Iraq and Yemen – in which the Iranians were heavily committed – seemed to introduce this possibility.


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