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The boost in the Mexican economy could have an affect on many people who send money to relatives in the country, and the surge could create jobs and possibly bolster currency.Factory growth A recent report by the Boston Consulting Group expects Mexico's manufacturing advantage over China to continue to grow.Mexican workers typically produce more goods per hour than the Chinese in similar positions, according to the report.The ratio of quality work to the lowest price is better in Mexico than China, and it speaks to the dedication and work ethic in the country.Sirkin added that many companies, including those in China, are looking to expand their factories into Mexico.Several industries are gaining particularly well within the country, such as electronics, appliances, machinery, and automobiles.The Mexican economy has begun to grow stronger, thanks to an increase in quality factories and investments from large corporations such as General Motors.

GM expanding into Mexico One company attracted to the affordability and quality in Mexico is General Motors.According to Reuters, GM has recently detailed a plan to invest U. 1 million into its factory operations in the country.


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